About Us

Welcome parents and children to St Nicholas Church Pre-school. 

We hope you and your children have an enjoyable time with us and we can’t wait to get to know you all.

St Nicholas Church Pre-school is owned by Dawn Samboer who is supported by Julia Payne as Manager and Jody Wheeler as Special Needs & Disability Co-coordinator (SENDCO) and Deputy Manager Samantha Illingworth along with four other staff members. At St Nicholas Church pre-school we aim for the children to be happy, safe and cared for whilst all the time learning through play and new experiences.

We encourage every child to play and socialise with others, treat everyone with respect and have respect for the resources in the setting.  We promote and model good behaviours teaching the children to be kind and considerate towards others, promote independence, self-confidence and to reach their full potential whatever their abilities.

Play is valued as a tool which children learn through, St Nicholas Church Pre-School organises the areas in a way to gain meaningful learning experiences for your child whilst in the setting. Some of the opportunities we provide may seem a little strange, but they do have a purpose, tyres for example are great for rolling, stacking, climbing through, seeing circles, jumping in etc. Keys and locks are useful for children to explore how things work, what happens if the right key is used etc. Your child will be assessed throughout their stay to ensure their experiences are encouraging their learning, development and needs.

We are a fun, friendly approachable team, and our door is always open.  Parents and carers are valued at St Nicholas Church Pre-school; we recognise you are the first and foremost educators of your child. We believe in parental partnership within the pre-school and aim to meet your personal needs involving your child’s care, learning and development. The setting will hold parental meetings twice a year where you can discuss your child’s learning journey and development with your Key Worker.

Each staff member is assigned Key Children and it is that staff members responsibility to monitor and record their key children’s progress whilst at the setting on our electronic monitoring system Baby’s Day, which parents have access too.  Each staff member has a group name. The key worker groups are used to do more adult led activities to enable the Key worker to monitor and assess how the children are doing.  It also gives the children a chance to express themselves in a smaller group.  We also welcome pictures and information about any special occasions you have celebrated or achievements your child has made, these can be added to the parent gallery on Baby’s days. 

We have a vast amount of policies and procedures in place which are regularly updated to ensure we meet government guidelines and help to protect your child during their time in the setting. These policies and procedures are available for you to view on our electronic system Baby’s days or in hard copy on request. The key policies to familiarise yourself with are attached for you to read in your enrollment pack should you choose to join our little community. 

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